I have always thought Peru is a great source of inspiration and we can express emotions through art; that is why, I commit myself to the limit allowing my feelings of peace and joy. .

From the start of the competition, before the results at each stage, our team was confident that Pepuño’s collection would be put forward to the final stage of the competition, and we were not wrong.


My name is Mechy Chuquillanqui, Pepuño designer and a passionate about fabrics. It all started a day while I was putting away the fabrics in the workshop, I came across a texture that I developed myself a few years ago. That would then become the pillar of all that this collection entailed.


The fabric had a 3D texture that resembled empty broken rocks. It reminds me the 15 years that I have been doing long walks with my mother to the snowy HUAYTAPALLANA with the sole purpose of paying tribute in gratitude for everything we have been given.

I also think about how Huaytapallana mountain is being affected every year because of global warming which is an issue we have to give closer attention. It is a source of inspiration, its gray colors and rocky forms not to mention the defrost problem expressed in the cherry red color as elements that squeeze and / or suffocate this beautiful snow slowly.

To conclude, I had the satisfaction my work has won the first place, also that my inspiration had been well interpreted by the jury and public attending.  
Your humble servant will continue working to give you the very best in fashion. What is more I am pleased to inform that the Glacial collection will be placed on market next season.

Mechy Chuquillanqui R.